Psychology in the Service of Life
Andy Fisher
Foreword by David Abram

Shows the psychological roots of our ecological crisis.

Personal in its style yet radical in its vision, Radical Ecopsychology offers an original introduction to ecopsychology--an emerging field that ties the human mind to the natural world. In order for ecopsychology to be a force for social change, Andy Fisher insists it must become a more comprehensive and critical undertaking. Drawing masterfully from humanistic psychology, hermeneutics, phenomenology, radical ecology, nature writing, and critical theory, he develops a compelling account of how the human psyche still belongs to nature. This daring and innovative book proposes a psychology that will serve all life, providing a solid base not only for ecopsychological practice, but also for a critical theory of modern society.

"...a provocative look at the philosophical concepts (and conceits) that underlie what truly is a radical new form of social thought." — Utne

"Offering the most conceptually robust and complicated analysis of ecological psychology available, Fisher poses a challenge to mainstream psychology. If psychology is to be relevant to a world desperately seeking sustainability--and sanity--the challenge cannot be denied. Psychologists, indeed, all thoughtful people, will find much within to provoke and stimulate altered ways of thinking and feeling."
-- Robert Romanyshyn, author of The Soul in Grief:
Love, Death and Transformation

"Fisher succeeds in synthesizing and integrating a rich, diverse, and extensive amount of material. His emphasis throughout on the experiential--our bodily felt, lived-through experience--brings to light a woefully neglected dimension in the ecology/environmental discourses and debates."
-- David Michael Levin, Northwestern University

Andy Fisher is a psychotherapist in private practice.

A volume in the SUNY series in Radical Social and Political Theory
Roger S. Gottlieb, editor

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