No Show Recon
Mortars as support weapons
Expanded Airborne Troops
Airborne Supply
Airfield Attacks
Supply Interdiction
Close Air Support
Alternate Supply Rule
Transports may tow unmotorized AA, AT, and Artillery.
Free Terrain


No Show Recon -  You do not have to prove a unit has the recon ability to use it.  (only used in friendly games and not tournament games; in tournament games one may cover the rest of the card any way they see fit as long as their opponent can see the recon ability)

Mortars as Support Weapons - Mortars can attach to infantry soldier units.  Add their firepower, but not their defense.  The unit may commit (both mortar and main unit) to fire as artillery using only the mortar's firepower.

Expanded Airborne Troops - The37mm AT, 57mm AT, 75mm Howitzer, 105mm Howitzer, All Mortars, Engineers, and Jeep Recon Units have the Airborne ability.

Airborne Supply - As long as the Airborne Drop card is in play, Airborne units are considered in supply, but costs are doubled if they cannot trace a route back to the HQ.

Airfield Attacks - You may move your aircraft past your adversary's HQ to the airfield.  Your adversary then may scramble any available fighters at the cost of one supply each to intercept.  Any surviving aircraft may bombard in the bombardment phase using infantry firepower.  Aircraft that flew to intercept are not available targets.  Aircraft now must commit once used.  (We currently do not allow AA units to be deployed in the airfield and are considering not allowing intercepted aircraft to bomb the airfield even if they survive)

Supply Interdiction - When you move your aircraft to your adversary's HQ, you may bomb the HQ, or their supply stockpile using infantry firepower.  AA units in the HQ may return fire as if they were fired upon.  (we are considering not allowing AA to return fire)

Close Air Support - Fighters (including fighter-bombers) and dive bombers may fly in the Fire & Maneuver phase to support or oppose an assault.  All normal rules are followed as far as interception (CAP) and AA guns and costs to launch.  Assaulting player must declare all supporting aircraft first.  Fighters may engage opposing aircraft (unless carrying ordnance).  Any remaining aircraft may fire in each round of combat before any ground units.  Ground units may give up their fire on opposing ground units to fire at the aircraft.  Again, aircraft must commit when used. The Wire's Cut card also stops the player from using Aircraft.  (this rule is currently optional and only used when both parties agree beforehand)

Alternate Supply Rule - Roll one extra die of supply and drop the lowest die.

Transports may tow unmotorized AA, AT, and Artillery - This simply gives the AA/AT/Artillery unit motorized movement.  (we are considering making it an attachment, but currently, they are still considered a seperate unit)

Free Terrain - Neither side pays for their terrain.