TLC Links

Below is an exhaustive list of TLC pages on the web.  As well are some historical
WW2 sites.  If you know of any other links that belong on this page, or would like
to add a link to us from your own page, please follow the flaming "Link To Us" link at the bottom.  If any of the current links are dead, or you feel comments should be added, please alert the webmaster.

Official TLC Web Site
- TLC on Pinnacle's own page.

TLC Mailing List
-at yahoogroups

TLC at
- gaming community (synopsis/reviews/resources)
- write your own review of TLC

TLC at Geas Village
- university of edinburgh roleplaying society
- quick synopsis

Richard Weld's TLC Review
- claims he is going to play every CCG produced in
English and publish a review of it with a checklist.
- in depth review and cardlist

OHara Walter's mini-review at Grognards
- text

Steffan O'Sullivan's TLC Review
- gamer and author, amongst other things

TLC on Speed
- variant rules to speed the game up from grognard's
- text

TLC Teamwork
- team play from grognards
- text

Replay from Grognards
- game experience
- text

TLC Review
- Another Universe was just bought out, so we'll have
to see if this link returns

Bill Seurer's CCG page
- TLC links are currently dead

Pinnacle Entertainment group Inc.
- the company that distributes TLC Card Games
- human moderated centre for card games
- We (Last Crusade, The) are listed under 'commercial card games'

Warhorse Simulators
- have a card-tracking system for a few games
- maybe with a little urging they'll come up with a TLC version

Die HauptKampfLinie
- wargames by eMail
- another spot requiring thought about TLC by eMail

The PBeM Emporium
- more resources for play-by-email games

Thoth Engine
- PBWEB card tool: you can play by email or use the engine as a
"virtual tabletop" where two partecipants over the Net will use
some custom decks.

Dragon Studios
- online card games software (Apprentice).  Can be patched to use
other games.

Spirit Wars
- online real-time card game (mythological)

- home of tacops & combat mission: beyond overlord

World War II Online
- the first online virtual battlefield.  Multiplayer (WWII like
verquest), but working through numerous bugs, and trying to get
everything promised online.

- wargaming on the web

The Wargamer
- tm interactive publishing company
- gateway for war and strategy games

World War II Magazine
- u.s. magazine on world war ii (7 issues per year)

World War II Battles
- webring

Canadian Forces History

Maple Leaf Up
- Canadian army overseas in WWII

- 1st canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment Association

- World War II info & search engine

Dutch Canadian Online
- Liberation of Holland

Canadian Tracks
- An in depth look at the vehicles and equipment of the Canadian
army from World War II on

- metal buttons worn by all the Canadian troops in WWII

Veterans Affairs Canada: Second World War