Updated January 24, 2003

SCENARIOS!!!  Blood Of Caen is proud to present it's first in a ten part series by Florent Coupeau.  CLICK HERE to see Scenario #1: BREST!

is out in a factory set.  DETAILS.

TLC ran at Pandemonium 20 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada January 18, 2003.  Only four of us participated but we had fun.

Deck Building Software is now available!  All proceeds go directly to John Hopler. Ten Dollars US funds.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. *** Currentl on it's way to RPGNOW and unavailable.  Should be available again soon.

TLC starter decks (60 card decks), booster packs (12 card packs), starter boxes (10 starter decks each), booster boxes (36 booster packs each), the Beachhead to Berlin book (TLC bible), and TLC singles will soon be available on this very site.  Feel free to inquire.

I stumbled upon an old TLC poster advertising the game on ebay.  Here is the low res version, and here is the high res version.

The very first Blood Of Caen profile page is complete.  Featuring the Lancaster, Flying Fortress, and the Ju-88, as well as mentioning other units of the war.  Have a look and let me know what you think.

TLC now has a mailing list.  Our links page has been updated to reflect that.


The British are coming!  The Lancaster, Halifax, and Auster are complete.  They are currently posted in the photos section of the mailing list.  This expansion will eventually have its own page and is currently titled "The Imperial Expansion."  This is not an official expansion from the company as yet.  It is currently a private/community project.

The three Promo cards are posted here.  [Nude Resistance/V2-Strike/Maus]

We're looking for a volunteer to run and update a trading page for TLC cards.  People would send you their lists, you cut and paste it onto the page.  It can be as simple, or extravagent as you wish.  Updates wouldn't need be every day, or even every week, but at least every two weeks.  Please contact me if you are interested.

There's been some work on an online version of TLC by Cabhammer.  I'm awaiting an update from him on his progress.

Help us to gather together at the FORUM. Together we may influence the company, and bring ourselves greater joy in this game.



There was a TLC sealed deck tournament at CanGames 2002.  In my opinion it was successful.  Not only did the tournament occur, but I also ran two demos at the same time and brought two new players to the fold.  Every single person I've ever got to try this game has loved it.  Even if they hate CCGs, and even the ones who don't like wargames.

SALE ON TLC CARDS: $50 for a starter box / $40 for a booster box.

Many thanks to Patrick Thomas Morgan for the pdf cardlist.

Write your own review of The Last Crusade CCG at gamers.com : rate all your favorite games, and read reviews of others.  While it no longer seems to be staffed, reviews still pour in, and it has its uses.  I hope some of you will share your thoughts on the game.

Pinnacle now offers official dice for some of their games.  Of note, for years now, we've been using the Deadlands D6s as TLC Battle Dice (long before they became the Deadlands dice).  You can buy them in packs of 36, or as singles at gaming stores. 

The TLC Demo and tournament was successful at CanGames 2000.

Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.  hosted a sealed deck tournament at the big ORIGINS 2000 game fair in Ohio.  I have posted my experience at the convention HERE.  The Russian Front was not yet available, but we played "From Normandy to the Rhine."