Many of you may know there is an expansion for The Last Crusade. The Russian Front
was completed in the middle of 2000, but due to the high price of printing cards and low
preorders from their distributors, the product was halted at the printers.

Now, after two and a half years, The Russian Front is available!!!  Go to Smith & Robards.


On the frozen steppes, in the shattered cities of Stalingrad and Leningrad, in the freezing cold of Mother Russia, The Last Crusade continues. One of the greatest card games of all time rumbles on in this all-new, 200 card factory set. John R. Hopler's The Russian Front contains 320 cards, including 200 all-new cards, both Russian and German, new terraincards, including Steppe and Ruined City, with duplicates of the most commonly used troop types so most players need only one factory set to field their Russian horde. In addition to the 200 all-new Russian Front cards, this set also includes 120 absolutely free cards from the original Last Crusade, plus a completely new updated streamlined rules sheet!