"From Normandy to the Rhine"
A historically accurate pocket miniatures game based on World War 2.

Basic game is 2 players.  There are many variants, optional rules, and even a campaign game.  We will deal only with the basic 2 player version here.  Also remember that you can play any way you like.  We have our own house rules as well.

One player plays the USA (on the side of the Allies), and the other player will play the Germans.
You'll each need a deck; tokens or dice to keep track of supply and damage; 6 sided dice; and a play area.

Below is what the battlefield looks like.  It does take up space but surprisingly less than other CCGs I've played.  There are also various ways to change the setup of the board to save space.  We're looking into making a playing mat for the game.

The game comes with a handy dandy reference card that makes everything seem as simple as it is.

1) Choose Sides
2) Gather Setup Supply
US starts with 21 supply points.
Germans start with 27 supply points.
3) Place Terrain
Choose 6 terrain cards.  Draw 3 from them at random.  Place them in your starting zones.  Randomly choose one player's leftover cards and place them randomly in the centre row.  Pay terrain cost from setup supply.  (remember that you can arrange your three starting zones how you please)
4) Assemble Forces
Purchase units and special cards with supply costs.  Place them in your Headquarters or starting rows.
5) Draw Cards
7 per player.
6) Roll Initiative
7) Roll First Turn Supply

1) Reinforcement
In any order, Uncommit, return aircraft, Unspot, Roll supply, Draw a card, Check Indefinite cards, Refit, Deploy units.
2) Air Action
launch aircraft and move them to their destinations in any order.  Resolve Anti-aircraft fire and interceptions as they occur.
3) Recon
Aircraft that will not participate in air strikes or go on CAP return home immediately following their recon attempts.
4) Bombardment
Conduct air strikes and artillery bombardments in any order.  Return striking aircraft as soon as they finish their strikes.
5) Fire & Maneuver
Move and assault in any order.

Defend against assault      1/unit
Assault (infantry)               1/unit
Assault (armour)                2/unit
Fire Artillery                      1/unit
launch aircraft                  2/unit
Deploy reinforcements      varies

Thats the game in a nutshell, below are additional comments to help in the understanding of the game.

This is a simple game.  6 sided dice are used for everything.  Target number is always naturally a 5.  So 5 or 6 hits/recons/etc.  Some things can change the target number like terrain, or rockets, but it is stated clearly.  In combat each die that rolls the target number or higher does one damage.  In recon, a roll of the target number or higher is a success.

Each unit has 4 attributes.  Infantry firepower (inf); Armour firepower (arm); Air Firepower (air); Defense value (def).
For each of the firepowers, that number is how many dice that unit rolls.  For defense its how many hits it can take before being destroyed.  Some air firepower attributes are grayed out.  That means they can only fire on air if someone in their zone was fired upon first (return fire).

If you have any questions please post them in the FORUM and they will be answered as soon as possible.