The Music of the Motors

An Introduction to Domestic Ecosystems

Listen . . .

Can you hear the music of the motors?

It is the sound of cars and planes, chain saws and all manner of other engines powered directly or indirectly by energy taken from the Earth's ancient stores - fossil fuel.

The music of the motors is likened here to the music heard as children play musical chairs.

In musical chairs, one chair is removed each time the music stops.

With the music of the motors, we can build new "chairs" as the music plays. That is, we can build domestic eco-systems; arrangements of soil, plants and animals, south facing buildings, sunshine and a cooperative approach to mutual provision that can support people without fossil fuel.

A measure of such facilities, enough to support one person, is equivalent to one chair as we dance to the music of the motors.

When the music of the motors stops, how many chairs will there be and where will you be?